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The 10 best Beatles covers by other famous artists (Part 2)

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A while ago we released the article about the second half of the top 10 best Beatles covers and now here's the long waited second part with the top 5.

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5. She Said She Said - The Black Keys

The more the members are in a band the easier to carry out musical ideas for individual members and the fewer the members are in a band the more a musician has to focus on filling the musical gaps on his instrument to reproduce the originals or achieve a fat sound.

Garage rock duo formed in 2001 The Black keys worth a mention and ranked on our 5th place because they could uniquely and creatively reproduce something that others couldn't even if they were more than two members. The song's sound is very rough but it's not a surprise. Noone should expect a fatter sound from a duo without any artificial musical aid such as playback or backup tracks, but most probably John Lennon would have liked this version of his song very much.

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4 Oasis - Helter Skelter

The 90's Indie Rock generation could experience how the music industry repeats itself in the apporpriate time. Oasis never wanted to hide which their role model band is. In their music, videos, album covers there was always a small (if not a big) reference to The Beatles.

We chose Helter Skelter and not I am The Walrus to be our 4th because in the latter Oasis varied the chords beyond explanation (compared to the original) and that cover backfired with many Beatles fans, journalists and musicians. On the other hand Oasis' Helter Skelter cover is one as if they would have written it. Self-identical and original Oasis performance. This was Oasis.

3. Earth Wind and Fire - Got To Get You Into My Life

The Beatles' works is a very colorful batch of 200+ songs. To prove it one particular song was permanently performed live by a 70's Funky-Soul group for decades. Got To Get You Into My Life by Earth Wind and Fire was an essential part of their concerts from the 70s till today.

For the first listening it can't be recognized until the first verse even if the chorus part is chanted over and over again. And when the first verse begins we are still in shock and asking ourselves "is this really it?". Yes it is (sic). Earth Wind and Fire put everything they could in this song and the outcome became something comlpetely different in the best meaning of the word. In such a way that allegedly this is Paul McCartney's favourite Beatles cover by another artist amongst the thousands of Beatles covers.

2. Joe Cocker - With a Little Help From My Friends

We're just saying Woodstock and Monterey. Many people picture the image when young Joe Cocker standing on stage performing a song with such power with a professional musical accompaniment that couldn't be forgot until today despite the line up on these music festivals was "not too shabby" at all.

With A little Help From My Friends performed by Joe Cocker is a Beatles cover that for first listening the untrained ears cannot recognize but if we get aquainted with this version of the Beatles song it can be loved at least as much as the original with Ringo on lead vocals.

1. Michael Jackson - Come Together

Michael Jackson achieved a lot in his life. Broke some music industry records held by The Beatles and something more that The Beatles couldn't achieve (since they are the originals): to get people to know about The Beatles and their songs. The teens in the 80s growing up on MTV's influence listening to Michael Jackson knowing only the Beatles from history books and maybe knowing She Loves You (or not even that) that Come Together is a next Thriller, Bad or Billie Jean, simply put a hit by MJ. Then many of them discovering the original song by The Beatles still didn't want to believe to their ears.

Michael Jackson didn't change the song's basics much which is recpectful towards The Beatles and that should be appreciated by hard core Beatles fans, however MJ succeeded to make a whole lotta Michael Jackson song out of the opening track of The Beatles' Abbey Road album.

Do you agree with this list? Tell us your opinion! Take care of other Beatles fans sharing it!