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About the Beatles song contest

Everybody has a favourite Beatles song. These songs mean something different for everybody. Someone remembers his youth another a great love somebody else feels cool and someone just sings the bules away when hears them. The Beatles left their footprints in many places but The Beatles is about the music after all. In this Beatles game, the Beatles song contest you can really let your voice to be heard and vote for your favourite Beatles song as many times as you want. In the meantime we bet you know a lot more than just that particular one and you have an order amongst those too. You like this Beatles song better that the other one.

The idea is simple. Take the Beatles' albums, singles and some more such as the original songs from Beatles Anthology and create the ranking based on the big numbers by Beatles fans from all over the world. It's a simple technique that is applied in many industries to rank things. In this Beatles game everybody in the world can participate and the more you vote the more likely your favourite will turn out to be the best Beatles song.

Explanation of the game and its tweaks

All Beatles songs ever officially released are included in this game and we had to tweak a bit to keep it simple. At the album rankings we only rank the UK albums but not the Past Masters double album. We rank only the singles which weren't released officially on the official UK albums, so for example Love Me Do will count in the score of Please Please Me Beatles album while Paperback Writer will rank as a song released only as a single (and on the Past Masters double of course, but we don't rank Past Masters as an album, that might be slightly biased). We took Magical Mystery Tour as an album too though it was a double EP. But we keep it simple.

We took also the covers played and recorded by The Beatles for two reasons. The first one because they were part of The Beatles albums and hence created a whole and to be honest it would be unfair to rank With The Beatles vs. A Hard Day's Night without the covers. The first one has many covers while the latter has none of them on it. The second thing is because sometimes or actually a lot of times the covers that The Beatles recorded were simply better than the original. Think about Twist And Shout! Most of the people know that song from The Beatles. (Even if John was ashamed how he sang it in the studio, but in the end it turned out world famous)

Let's be honest: The Beatles was one of (if not the one) the most influential groups of all time in pop/rock history but they were only humans too and had flaws. Sometimes they didn't deliver as high quality material as it was expected so we created some ranking categories with their worst numbers too. It's not necessarily because those songs are bad but the least favourable by the world's Beatles fans. It's easily determined by this game. The Beatles songs which got the least votes.

From Beatles fans to Beatles fans

This Beatles game was created for fun in the free time of some Beatles fans to make a game which gives some time off for Beatles fans all around the world and hopefully everybody has fun with it. We have a lot more plans to make it better but as of now it is ready for its first steps and first votes. We hope you'll find it fun and you'll give a lot of votes. And who knows maybe some long heard songs come up and you hit play too to listen to it and have a good time. Because this is the ultimate goal, to have a good time listening to the music of The Beatles.

And now go and vote for your favourite Beatles song!

Special thanks to Cathy and Nick from Höfner for supporting the creation of this Beatles game.