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Beatles Blog: Interesting articles about The Beatles

2021-09-16 - The Beatles - Across The Universe 2021 mix

2021-09-16 - All The Beatles songs on the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

2021-09-15 - Kids react to The Beatles

2021-09-13 - Unheard John Lennon interview tapes are up for auction

2021-09-02 - Who do you think was the fifth Beatle?

2021-08-29 - The untold story of the Beatles' last concert

2021-08-26 - Probably the most famous Beatles song: Hey Jude

2021-08-16 - Why did The Beatles change their first drummer for Ringo?

2021-08-12 - The unmaking of a Beatle: George Harrison's widow and son on the legacy of 'All Things Must Pass'

2021-08-08 - All the photos that were taken by the legendary Abbey Road photoshoot

2021-08-06 - Why You Should Listen to Revolver Through Your Headphones

2021-08-05 - Who was the best singer in the Beatles?

2021-07-31 - Beatles studio bloopers

2021-07-29 - 10 Beatles Hits That 'Rip Off' Other Songs

2021-07-27 - How well do you know The Beatles number ones

2021-07-26 - Young Paul McCartney appears in a new Paul McCartney song with great visual FX (video)

2021-07-23 - When Lennon and McCartney discussed a Beatles reunion

2021-07-19 - The unrealised Beatles utopia

2021-07-16 - The Only George Harrison Song The Beatles Ever Released as a Single

2021-07-12 - ‘You’ve never seen The Beatles like this before’: Peter Jackson on his epic Get Back docuseries

2021-07-11 - Listen to this unreleased George Harrison song

2021-07-07 - World's greatest drummers salute to Ringo

2021-07-06 - Encounter of the 20th century. When John Lennon met Paul McCartney

2021-07-03 - The 10 weirdest photos of The Beatles

2021-06-29 - The fan who mailed herself to The Beatles

2021-06-23 - Ringo said: 'I was there, we were laughing' about Peter Jacksons new Beatles documentary

2021-06-18 - Collection of cool Paul McCartney photos

2021-06-17 - The Beatles: Get Back by Peter Jackson is to debut on Disney+

2021-06-17 - Rare Beatles postcard for sale with signature of drummer who replaced Ringo

2021-06-15 - The best photos of screaming and excited Beatles fans

2021-06-11 - John Lennon 'The Lost Album' | Rare and Beautiful Songs

2021-06-08 - Every time The Beatles say 'Love' (video)

2021-06-05 - The Music Recording Secrets of the Beatles

2021-05-29 - Tribute to The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

2021-05-28 - Sgt. Pepper's Album cover behind the scenes (video)

2021-05-26 - A ton of interesting stuff you might not know about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

2021-05-25 - 11 things you may not know of Sgt. Pepper's album cover

2021-05-24 - Who is who on Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover

2021-05-23 - The Beatles: Get Back release date and other things you might want to know about the new Beatles docmentary

2021-05-21 - The best guest performances in Beatles songs

2021-05-18 - John Lennon's long-forgotten love-ballad

2021-05-15 - The most underrated songs from each Beatles album

2021-05-11 - 20 cute and rare childhood photos of Paul McCartney

2021-05-08 - Ringo's best 15 photos taken from The Beatles

2021-05-04 - The Beatles Second Album which wasn't their second one

2021-05-03 - The Beatles: Let It Be cover by Gabriella Quevedo

2021-04-30 - 8 Easter Eggs Hidden In The Beatles' Songs

2021-04-27 - 10 Beatles innovations that changed music forever

2021-04-24 - Sad story about the guy who could be a beatle for 2 weeks - The Jimmie Nicol story

2021-04-21 - 10 best songs rejected by The Beatles that became solo hits

2021-04-16 - 12 pictures about Liverpool with The Beatles then and now

2021-04-13 - The 10 best Beatles covers by other artists (Part 2)

2021-04-09 - Never before seen pictures emerged about John Lennon and Yoko

2021-03-12 - The 10 best Beatles covers by other artists (Part 1)

2021-02-17 - Never seen photos revealed of The Beatles

2021-02-11 - The Beatles Please Please Me Sessions - 11th February 1963

2020-10-09 - John Lennon 80 - a Worldwide Virtual Celebration

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